Happy Perfume Day Whatsapp Status: Perfume Day falls on 17th February 2017, It is celebrated after Slap Day, Kick Day, So what one should do is just go and get a perfume which suits to your personality because it should not bring negative impact on the persons. We made best Top 10 Amazing beautiful Perfume Day Whatsapp Status, Perfume Day Wallpapers, Messages, DP.

Happy Perfume Day Whatsapp Status, Perfume Day Wallpapers, Messages, DP

Happy Perfume Day Whatsapp Status, Perfume Day Wallpapers, Messages, DP

Perfume Day Messages:

Ab tak meri life ek khuli bottle ki tarah thi
jisme sab perfume ki tarah ud jata tha
par aapke aane se sab theek ho gaya
khuda kare aap jaisa dhakan sab ko mile .!
Happy Perfume Day ..2017

Whether I’m making a recipe or a piece of jewelry or a white-rose-and-jasmine tea or the perfume, I like to think of myself as a happy little sorceress, and if I could just have a little general store with all that stuff and give people a sense of my taste, that would be lovely.

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.
Happiness is the fragrance in the garden of love.
Happiness is the perfume of the heart, the harmony of the heart which sings.
A Heart is like a crystal preserve it, love is like a perfume spread it, feelings are like flood flow it, friendship is like umbrella come let's share. Happy Perfume Day.

If you don’t smell good, then you don’t look good.
Music, at times, is more like perfume than mathematics.
Perfume is the indispensable complement to the personality of women, the finishing touch on a dress.
Perfume is the key to our memories.

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.
Happy Perfume Day 2017

Today is perfume day and I am sending
Aromatic flowers for you in this SMS
to make you day really a wonderful day.
Happy perfume day dear.

Kya koi pyaar ko yaad rakh sakta hai
yeh ek band kamre me gulaab ke
phool ki khushboo ko mehsoos karne jaisa hai
aap gulaab to dekhte rahoge
lekin khooshbu mehsoos na kar sakoge
gulaab ki khusboo ko mehsoos karna hai
to aaj perfume day par qaid se azad ho jao..!
Happy Perfume Day ..2017

Khushi perfume ki tarah hai
is ke chand ke tare apne upar lagaye bagair
aap kisi or ko iski khushbu nahi de sakte...wish you happy perfume day
Happy Perfume Day SMS

Happiness is a perfume
you can not spread on
others without getting a few drops on.!
Happy Perfume Day SMS

Happiness is a perfume
you cannot spread on others
without getting a few drops on urself
so always be happy to make others happy ..!
Happy Perfume Day SMS

Beauty is an ecstasy it is as simple as hunger there is really
nothing to be said about it is like the perfume of a rose
you can smell it that's all wish you happy perfume day..!!
Happy Perfume Day SMS

Heart is like a bottle of perfume
if you never open it nobody knows the fragrance inside it...
if you keep it always open soon you will loose your fragrance.
So act wisely..!
Happy Perfume Day SMS

Can anyone remember love?
it is like trying to summon up the smell of roses in a cellar
you might see a rose but never the perfume
wish you happy perfume day
Happy Perfume Day SMS

With all the rose's perfume and with all the lights in the world
and with all the children smiles...
I wish you that your all dreams come true!!
Happy Perfume Day SMS

Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank
the next person to flush the toilet will be greeted with an
the overwhelming amount of bubbles.!!
Happy Perfume Day SMS
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Happy Perfume Day Messages:

A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting
Wish u happy perfume day!!
Happy Perfume Day Messages

I wanted to only create a great perfume
not any perfume that would sell
but a great artistic one that the fans would not feel cheated by
Happy Perfume Day Messages

Happiness is perfume,
you can't pour it on somebody else
without getting a few drops on yourself.!
Happy Perfume Day Messages

Ek ladki perfume laga ke bus pe chadi
ladke ne comment pass kiya aajkal
phenayal ka use kuch jyada hi hota hai
ladki boli phir bhi cockroach picha nahi chhodte..!
Happy Perfume Day Messages

Perfume lagane ke fayde
perfume aap ke jism ki badbu ko mar deta hai
perfume se aap ke paad marne ka ehsaas nahi hota logo ko
perfume bagal ki badbu ka pata nahi chalne deta..hahahhahha
Happy perfume day
Happy Perfume Day Messages

The company of good people is like
da shop of perfume even if you buy or not
U'll still get lot of gud fragrance
Happy Perfume Day Messages

Izat ko apni nilaam kon karega
is zamane me aisi himmat kon karega
maine pucha jo chand se ki
aaj aasman pe kyu nahi aaye
chand ne kaha meri khubsurti ka mukabla kon karega?
Happy perfume day 2016 to you all friends

Perfume Day 2017:

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